Affiche : Sporting Club. The hottest Disco on the Belgian Coast. Casino Kursaal Oostende. 17/7-28/8/.... (?).
Formaat : 30 x 50 cm. Disco-jockey Entertainer: Dwight Thompson.
17/7: The Nat King Cole Party met: Jean Jacques "Pianobar" Trio
24/7: The Rhytmn'n Blues Party met: Ambach Circus
31/7: The Reggae Party met: Soul Jazz Combination
7/8: The Afro-Cuban Party met: Chama Chevere Quintet (Cuba)
14/8: The Fats Domino Party met: Jean Jacques & His Singing Girls Nancy & Kathy
21/8: The Funky Party met: Sofie & Celluloid
28/8: The Soul Disco Party met: American Gipsy (USA)